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Empowering data with a human touch

To do well as a market survey company in a time where data is king , we find that today’s research needs are no longer just about data gathering and answering questions posed by clients directly. Time to keep up and step up.

We offer full-service bespoke research consulting services. Partnering with companies like yours, we work towards delivering value by understanding underlying issues and offering customized solutions to help you make data-driven decisions for your business. While we have standardized methodologies and approaches, if we find that they don’t quite work we believe the ends justifies the means and we often come up with something that does the job instead! Being flexible and adaptive allows us to be more responsive and open to explore new (better) ways to address your issues.

We leverage technology to enable consumers to speak to us more honestly, accurately and efficiently – having a mobile-first philosophy, we believe that this direction gives us superior reach to consumers in the marketplace and paves the way for more insightful real-time actionable findings that makes a difference.

As a market survey company in Hong Kong, we are refreshingly human yet professional, nimble and agile yet grounded in the rigor that’s necessary to deliver actionable insigh

Here at Penfold Research, we help our clients achieve top-line growth by building a collective vision of future industries and market trends, leveling complex market challenges and leveraging key opportunities. Our data research network supports the market research needs for a diverse range of Industry verticals, with an emphasis on client success and insight quality.

Whether it might be developing an existing service, launching a new product, or expanding into new territories, our Market Research arms you with the right tools to plan your next big strategy.

From start-ups to fortune 500, Penfold Research has a workable solution for you....

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